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Infrared Thermometer (Real Time)

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Model: JRT-018
Power Supply Voltage : DC 3V (Two AAA alkaline Batteries)
Measured Distance: 50-150mm
Measured Range : Body Temperature 32°C~42.9° C (89.6°F~109.2°F)
Measured Accuracy: Body Temperature (35-42)°C< + 0.3°C/.054°F
Display Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F
Operating Environment: 15°C~45°C (59°F~1113°F) RH < 85%
Storage Environment: -20°C~55°C (-13°F~131°F) RH < 90%
Operation : Closed <6 w Open <45mw
Unit: (°C) /( °F)
Close Time: No Operation With in 20 Seconds, Automatic Shutdown
Product Size: 143x70x38mm
Product Weight: 89.0g+ 0.2g
Box Size: 180x95x60mm
Q�TY/CTN: 50pcs/ctn
Memory: Memorize 32 Measured Value
Atmospheric Pressure: 89.0g+ 0.2g
Production License For Medical Devices : No.20190004
Registration Certi?cate For Medical Devices: No.20202070688
Technical Requirements For Products: No. 20202070688
Technical Standard: GB 9706.1-2007,GB/T 14710-2009
Infrared Thermometer (Real Time)


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